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Despite the company’s name, our biggest department is business travel. The transition to free-market systems has seen a huge increase in business travel to the region. We cater for almost anybody travelling for almost any reason – our clients include everyone from oil and gas companies to universities, television and radio companies, pop groups, politicians and anyone else with cause to travel.

In these days of on-line booking, many people see no reason to use a traditional travel agency. While it is often (but not always) cheaper to book online, we like to think that we can offer genuine expertise and save you time and money overall.

There are, for example, around a dozen airlines offering flights to Moscow each may have something different to offer in terms of price or timing or flexibility or availability but because we are specialised, our staff usually know the answers to questions which may take hours to research online.


For the cheapest tickets, for business class, for complicated itineraries, contact us for the full picture.


If you have all the correct papers from your destination country we do all the legwork at this end. If you don't, we do it at that end too. If you don't know if you do, we'll tell you. Despairing of getting your Russian visa in time? We can solve virtually any problem within 24 hours.


Hotel accommodation of all types in every major city.


Our staff have an unrivalled knowledge of our destinations – through background and experience. We employ natives of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan as well as the UK. Our sales consultants have an average of 15 years experience in travel, and have been with us for up to 12 years.


You will be served by the same two members of staff on a regular basis., enabling them to know your needs and preferences. They will take responsibility for ensuring that such things as frequent flyer points are correctly recorded.

On the financial side, we invoice on a monthly basis after negotiating a credit limit to meet both parties’ needs. Our accounts department can provide immediate and up to date statements by email at any time.


We aim to answer all calls within 4 rings, and never to miss a call. We aim to make ourselves the single quickest way for you to find out what you need to know.

We take responsibility, both for our own actions, and for making sure that all your arrangements, including your visa if necessary, correspond with each other and with your requirements.


Apart from our specialist destinations, we organise business travel to all worldwide destinations and provide all the usual services.  See www.scottsbusinesstravel.co.uk for more information.